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Experience and Expertise

The success of the range of Flex-R roofing systems manufactured by the trusted world leaders in waterproofing systems Carlisle Syntec™ is based on two clear principles: our high quality, durable products and experience.

Carlisle has led the industry in single-ply manufacturing, research development and innovation for 50 years, Flex-R Ltd. has been the sole authorized distributor for the British Isles for over a decade

Experience - learning by doing- is invaluable and cannot be manufactured. Untested processes and unaccredited materials can lead to intended product deficiencies in the system. Make sure your EPDM system is manufactured and supplied by companies that have been around long enough to have learned and grown from past experiences.

Flex-R has two divisions which deals solely with specialist approved installers with the FleeceBack brand and direct to trade merchants with a range of other EPDM systems tailored for individual markets sold via specification, through specialist contractors, distributors, merchants and to off-site manufacturer.